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"As part of Statkraft, we operate charging stations for electric vehicles at thousands of locations in Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and the UK. In the past, we were worried that every time we installed a new charging station, the operation would not be stable. Since we started using the M2M SIMs from wherever SIM , we no longer have to worry about that."

Anton Achatz
Managing Director Mer Germany GmbH

Thanks to the M2M solution from wherever SIM GmbH, we can always and everywhere keep an eye on our decentralized, renewable energy plants. No matter where our plants are located, the SIM always ensures the best connection.

Markus Probst
Project Manager
Ökostrom Saar GmbH

wherever SIM has been a reliable partner to us for years. With this M2M SIM card, our telematics systems and trackers are always connected, no matter where they are in the world.

Holger Puhlmann
Managing Director
A.R.T.E.C.O. GmbH
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"Our alarm systems are installed all over Europe. For this, we need a solution that also offers reception everywhere. That's exactly what we found with wherever SIM ."

Claus-Dieter Büttner

Managing Director
C.D. Büttner Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

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Our security systems are used throughout Europe. With wherever SIM, we finally have a provider whose SIM card we can use everywhere as well - at uniform costs, with a clear web portal and with a contact person who is aware of everything.

Thorsten Lieber
Head of Controlling
ibs safety engineering GmbH

Our alarm systems are installed at different locations and we never know which network is the strongest at site. With wherever SIM, our employees have one SIM card at hand that always guarantees the best connection and can therefore be used everywhere without any problems.

Thomas Krüger
Managing Director
Krüger GmbH - Alarm and protection systems
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M2M SIM from wherever SIM - All networks with one SIM card
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"With our wireless digital intercom, residents can open the front door from anywhere or janitors can change names on the doorbell sign at the touch of a button. For this to work at any location, we need a reliable mobile connection - and we have it thanks to the M2M SIM card from wherever SIM."

Dorothee Heine

Better Bell Services GmbH

We have been installing security systems for more than 30 years, for which we offer a 24/7 alarm emergency service. Accordingly, the SIM cards in use must also be available 24/7 and guarantee a secure connection to our central office. With wherever SIM we can rely on always having the best network, no matter where our system is installed.

Claas Ypey
Managing Director
YPEY Alarm and radio systems GmbH

We needed a reliable solution, which orientates to the strongest network and not to a particular provider. That’s exactly what wherever SIM offers. The uncomplicated roaming across all networks provides a much better network availability than our previous operator who focused on only one network.

Tim Mertel-Blinn
Development & Marketing
EvoCount GmbH
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"As a manufacturer of high-quality GPS tracking devices, we offer an ideal solution with our "FINDERS" for almost all possible areas of application such as vehicles, bags, bicycles or even people.

We wanted a SIM card that was just as flexible and reliable as our own solutions. We found it with wherever SIM ."

Jakob Lindner

‍ManagingDirector PAJ-GPS

For the safety of our employees and customers our vehicle and passenger identification systems must operate reliable at all times and at all locations. With wherever SIM we are always on the safe side and can count on having the best possible connection, whether it’s in big cities or in the countryside. The wherever portal also allows us to manage our SIM cards ourselves at any time and to see problems with devices or utilization of the data volume even in real-time.

Gerd Allmendinger
Managing Director
SoftClean GmbH

Whether against burglary, unauthorized access, fire, water or smoke - we offer our customers a wide range of protective measures. Our systems are often installed in technical rooms with weak reception.

Nevertheless, wherever SIM enables us to connect to these systems anytime and anywhere.

Sebastian Delzer
Project manager safety engineering
Wahl Elektro Technik GmbH
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"At the beginning of our project, we feared that finding the right data SIM would be one of our biggest challenges.

Thanks to wherever SIM , it has actually become one of the easiest issues."

Matthias Spork
Project management SAP
HORSCH Maschinen GmbH

wherever SIM is an important building block for our service. Only through the features of the IoT SIM card can we offer our customers worldwide the special out-of-the-box experience of our Smart Crop sensors and our Internet-of-Crops™ solutions.

Dimitris Halatsis
software developer
Centaur Analytics Inc.

We are very happy with wherever SIM because it allows us to offer complete solutions to our customers all over the world. As a provider of feedback stations, we want to give our customers as much flexibility as possible - meaning the terminals are not limited by country borders, nor by instable wifi connections.

Stefan Muth
Chairman & Founder
BHM Media Solutions GmbH
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From cloud-based security technology and eBike fleet management to use in drinking water filtration systems. The M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM connect devices in a wide variety of locations.

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