All networks with one SIM card - The M2M SIM from wherever SIM

Always the strongest mobile network on site. Simple mobile data transmission for IoT applications. Secure and reliable, in Germany and worldwide.

M2M SIM from wherever SIM - All networks with one SIM cardM2M SIM from wherever SIM - All networks with one SIM card

What is an M2M SIM card?

M2M SIM cards enable devices to connect to the mobile network in order to be able to transmit data automatically. Unlike SIM cards for smartphones, an M2M SIM can use the mobile networks of different network operators nationally and worldwide. It is therefore also called a multi-network SIM or roaming SIM. Data can be transferred securely via VPN. The M2M SIM cards are managed via an online portal, tailored to the requirements of M2M communication.

The advantages of our M2M SIM card

This distinguishes our solution from conventional SIM cards and M2M SIM cards from other providers:

Worldwide Connectivity

More than 487 networks in 205+ countries, close to borders also networks from neighbouring countries.

Easy SIM Management

Online portal with real-time data and smart dashboards. Extensive REST API available.

Highest Security

99,99 % availability, geo redundancy, 2-factor-authentication, GDPR compliant and IMEI lock.

Monthly Cancellation

Simply activate / deactivate M2M SIM cards independently in the portal and save costs.

Works in Millions of Devices – Including Yours

Reference Customers

More than 600 companies of all sizes and industries trust wherever SIM and use our M2M SIM card to connect their devices even in difficult locations.

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Experiences of our Customers

"With our EC terminals, we enable payment with all common giro and credit cards throughout Germany. This requires a stable, secure connection.

No network is perfect, but with the uncomplicated M2M solution from wherever SIM, location-dependent signal weaknesses are a thing of the past."
Sebastian Simon
Head of Technology
POS-cashservice GmbH
"At the beginning of our project, we were still afraid that finding the right data SIM would be one of our biggest challenges.

Thanks to wherever SIM, it has actually become one of the easiest issues."
Matthias Spork
Project Management SAP
HORSCH Maschinen GmbH
"Our alarm systems are installed at different locations, where of course different networks are strongest. With wherever SIM, our employees have an M2M SIM card with them that always guarantees the best reception and can thus be used everywhere without any problems."
Thomas Krüger
Krüger GmbH
Alarm and protection systems


Frequently asked questions about our M2M SIM card and IoT projects

Is there a difference between an IoT and an M2M SIM card?

No, there is no real difference between an M2M SIM card and an IoT SIM card. Both SIM cards have the same task: they provide different end devices and machines with access to the mobile network so that they can transmit data as part of M2M (machine-to-machine) communication or IoT applications.

Which mobile radio standards does the M2M SIM card support?

Currently, our M2M SIM cards support 2G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE), 3G (UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+), 4G (LTE/LTE Advanced) and LTE-M technologies. We also already support 5G in some countries. We are currently still negotiating with network operators about the use of NB-IoT and a larger 5G coverage. As soon as the negotiations are concluded, you will be able to use NB-IoT and 5G with the M2M SIM cards already in use or installed without having to exchange them. With our M2M SIM, you are also optimally equipped for future technologies.

Which mobile network does the M2M SIM card connect to?

Our M2M SIM cards - unlike network operator SIM cards - are not tied to a specific mobile network. Instead, they always allow your devices to connect to the strongest available network at the respective location. Worldwide, your devices can log into over 485 mobile networks with our M2M SIM. In Germany, our M2M SIM cards support all networks of the three network operators Telekom, Vodafone and o2 with just one tariff.

Why can the M2M SIM card use different mobile networks?

Basically, this is similar to what happens, for example, with the SIM card in a smartphone when abroad: due to roaming agreements between domestic and other network operators, SIM cards abroad are allowed to use the network of another network operator. For our M2M SIM cards and tariffs, we have concluded these agreements with a large number of network operators in order to be able to offer our customers data at favourable tariffs as far as possible all over the world. Worldwide, our M2M SIMs thus have access to more than 485 mobile networks in over 205 countries, in which we can also offer low-cost M2M tariffs for high data volumes.

Can I also determine myself which mobile network my M2M SIM cards use?

Yes. For each of our M2M SIM cards, you can manually configure the network to be used in the online portal or via API. However, as standard, all our M2M SIM cards are set up on delivery so that your devices are automatically allowed to log into the best network on site and do not prefer or exclude any mobile network.

wherever SIM:
A Reliable Partner

15 years of experience, 100 % focus on the customer, hanseatic reliability. wherever SIM stands for reliable and secure SIM card solutions that easily connect a wide variety of IoT devices worldwide to the internet. From the heart of Hamburg, we continuously develop our M2M services together with strong international partners, always at the cutting edge of technology, always with our customers' needs in mind, always at eye level. In doing so, we are more flexible and faster than conventional network operators - for the benefit of our customers and partners.

Made in Germany

Competent service and support in and from Germany.

Made in Germany

All services are hosted within the EU and are therefore subject to the strictest data protection regulations in the world.

2-factor authentication

Better safe than sorry: With 2-factor authentication, you can protect the access to your personal wherever SIM portal.

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant2-factor authentication