"There are well over 18,000 Tchibo depots in partner stores across Germany, such as Edeka and Rewe. With wherever SIM , we have a stable and reliable data connection to our approximately 8,000 leading non-food depots."

Katharina Löffler

Rollout manager at Tchibo GmbH

Tchibo GmbH

M2M SIM cards for shop-in-shop solutions

Tchibo is not only one of the most traditional companies in Germany, it is also one of the largest national consumer goods and retail companies. Since it was founded in 1949, the Group has expanded its distribution system, clearly setting itself apart from its competitors. In addition to local Tchibo stores and its own online store, Tchibo now also operates Tchibo depots via depot partners such as grocery stores, drugstores and bakeries. While the stationary retailer provides the space for the store within the store and handles the billing of the products, Tchibo manages and controls prices centrally. The connection required for this is made possible via M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM .

M2M SIM cards in retail

Electronic shelf labeling via mobile radio

"We currently operate almost 8,000 Tchibo depots in Germany, for example in Edeka and Rewe stores, where we use the digital price tags," says Katharina Löffler, who oversaw the rollout in Tchibo IT. These digital price tags, also known as electronic shelf labels, are located on shelves in retail stores and allow product information such as prices and product descriptions to be displayed and updated digitally in real time. They allow retailers to efficiently price and manage products without manual labeling. And - as in the case of Tchibo - centralized remote control of prices at various sales locations. The shop-in-shop systems on the sales floors of stationary retailers are among the most important sales platforms for Tchibo. The digital labels are controlled centrally via Tchibo's administrative location in Hamburg. To ensure that this works smoothly and that price adjustments, for example, can be transmitted immediately to a depot, they need a connection.

M2M SIM cards for reliable remote access

Reliable remote access with M2M SIM cards

"To communicate with our depots, we use an IoT solution that we developed ourselves, in which an M2M SIM from wherever SIM is used. The SIM card enables the devices to send and receive data via mobile communications," Löffler continues. "The technical support from wherever SIM was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process up to the deployment of the hardware. It was really excellent service."

When working with wherever SIM , it was not only the technical support that impressed, but also the SIM card itself. Löffler: "During evaluations, we noticed that some end devices were logged into Polish networks, even though the sales area is located in Germany. We were surprised at first, but then it became clear that the foreign network at the location had better reception than the German network. So these networks were used." With a SIM from wherever SIM , devices on the same tariff can also use mobile networks from neighboring EU countries, in this case Poland. In general, the SIM cards give end devices access to the strongest local network at any location so that data transmission is as trouble-free as possible everywhere.

The advantages of M2M SIM cards for electronic shelf labeling

  • Reliable connectivity between electronic shelf labels and central control systems
  • Remote management and monitoring of electronic shelf labels saves time and resources
  • Simple scaling and inventory via SIM management platform
  • Fast action and price adjustments thanks to centralized remote control
  • Low energy consumption for long battery life of the digital price tags
  • High security thanks to secure access via VPN
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