"With BEJOY, we want to offer caregivers, relatives and older people security and relief in their everyday lives. To achieve this, we rely on the reliable connection of wherever SIM across the board."

Hanne Butting

Co-Founder & Managing Director Beyond Emotion GmbH

Beyond Emotion Ltd.

M2M SIM cards for innovations in everyday care

Beyond Emotion is a pioneer in the field of AI-supported emotion recognition in care. The Hamburg-based start-up has developed BEJOY, a digital picture frame specially designed for older people with integrated mood and activity recognition functions. It provides additional safety and an improved quality of life by sending brief information to the smartphone app of relatives. In the event of prolonged absence or a negative mood, relatives and loved ones are informed immediately via a message on their smartphone. The BEJOY app allows relatives to send pictures, which are displayed on the older person's picture frame. Beyond Emotion relies on the IoT SIM cards from wherever SIM in the picture frames to ensure a stable connection.

Care support in everyday life

Automated messages in (home) care

"Our BEJOY picture frame combines two solutions in one product," begins Hanne Butting, co-founder of Beyond Emotion GmbH, and continues: "On the one hand, we want to support relatives in caring for older people. On the other hand, we want to give older people who are dependent on this support the opportunity to feel safe at home." The BEJOY digital picture frame, which sends notifications to relatives about the mood and absence of elderly people, is a step in this direction. The picture frame receives the necessary data connection thanks to an M2M SIM card from wherever SIM, which is installed in the picture frame and included in the complete package for end users. "Whether someone works full-time in care or is forced to look after a loved one, the physical and emotional stress is always very stressful. With BEJOY, we are trying to address this and reduce this pressure for caregivers. The automatic notification in the event of prolonged absence is intended to minimize the worry of not noticing if something happens or, in the best case, to take it away completely," explains Butting. At the same time, it gives older people a sense of security to know that they will be informed of their inactivity. "To ensure a secure and stable connection for these notifications at all times, we needed a reliable partner. We found one in wherever SIM ."

Promoting social participation

Social participation and inclusion in everyday life

In addition to the safety aspect, BEJOY promotes the connectedness and participation of older people and those close to them. "Relatives can send pictures to the picture frame remotely at any time by uploading them in the BEJOY app. Secure remote access to the terminal device and the data connection is again enabled via the M2M SIM cards used. Regarding data protection, Butting continues, "Mood recognition takes place on the BEJOY picture frame itself and the data used for this purpose is not stored." This ensures data protection and achieves an ethical approach to AI. "Our vision is to accompany the demographic change with our innovative technology and to make a positive contribution to society," emphasize Butting and the founding team. "Through continuous research and development, we strive to actively shape demographic change. We are convinced that our technology will have a significant impact on the future and look forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions and improve the quality of life of people worldwide."

Advantages of M2M SIM Cards & Home Care:

  • No matter where, access to the best mobile network everywhere
  • No forced activation of M2M SIMs and free pausing
  • Secure remote access with static private IPs via VPN tunnel
  • Comprehensive availability of mobile communications, across national borders
  • Common data pool for all active M2M SIM cards
  • Simple SIM management in the online portal or via API in your own system

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