M2M SIM cards for GPS trackers and telematics

  • Always the strongest mobile network on site worldwide
  • Shared data pool for all active M2M SIM cards
  • Track and evaluate data in real time in the online portal
The SIM cards for GPS trackers and telematicsThe SIM cards for GPS trackers and telematics

M2M SIM cards for GPS trackers and telematics

Byebye roaming gap: Our M2M SIM offers your GPS trackers the strongest local network at all times and everywhere, whether at home or abroad. In border regions, our M2M SIM card also takes into account the networks of neighbouring countries. You receive all the data from your GPS trackers or telematics devices in real time - perfect for seamless monitoring and tracking, for example in fleet management, logistics or for trackers of any kind.

Areas of application for our M2M SIM cards

Location determination

Determine and track travelled routes and locations of vehicles, people, (farm) animals, construction machinery, etc. - whether at home or abroad.

Fleet Management

For electronic driver's logbooks, route histories, determining the location of the vehicle or for protection against theft.

Supply Chain Monitoring

Gain full transparency of logistics processes in road traffic, nautical or aviation and monitor temperature and goods at the same time.


How reliable are your truck drivers? Monitor braking behavior, speed or fuel consumption to optimize driving behavior or for insurance dongles.

Selected features of our M2M SIM card

With our M2M SIM in your trackers and telematics units, you benefit from these features in particular: 

wherever SIM - Dashboard
  • Can be used worldwide Over 480 networks in 205+ countries, in addition networks of neighbouring countries near the border
  • All Mobile Standards 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE) as well as LTE-M (Cat-M1)
  • Easy management of M2M SIMs Online portal with real-time data, automatable via our extensive API
  • Data pooling A large data pool for all active M2M SIM cards, to compensate for fluctuations in consumption of individual SIMs.
  • Data limitation As default for all active M2M SIM cards or specifically for individual SIM cards
  • Real-time information Track real-time data and statistics in smart dashboards
  • Flexibility and cost control Independent monthly SIM activation/deactivation, no costs for inactive M2M SIMs
  • Security and theft protection Prevent third-party use and misuse of the M2M SIM with IMEI lock
  • Tracker configuration via SMS Transfer settings to the M2M SIMs or trackers directly from the customer portal or via API.
  • Partner Network & Services Our partners can provide hardware and a GPS tracking portal on request.

Reference Customers

More than 600 companies of all sizes and industries rely on wherever SIM to connect their devices even in difficult locations in more than 100 countries.

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Suitable Partners For Your Project

We work closely with strong hardware and software partners to offer you an even more comprehensive service by bundling our competencies. Feel free to contact us to compile your requirements.

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wherever SIM:
The SIM card for your GPS trackers

15 years of experience, 100 % focus on our customers, German reliability. wherever SIM represents future proof and secure SIM card solutions connecting a wide variety of devices to the Internet all over the world. Together with strong international partners, we are continuously developing our services. Always at the cutting edge of technology, always with our customers' needs in mind, always at eye level. In doing so, we are more flexible and faster than any conventional network operator – for the benefit of our customers and partners.

Made in Germany

Competent service and support in and from Germany.

Made in Germany

All services are hosted within the EU and are therefore subject to the strictest data protection regulations in the world.

2-factor authentication

Better safe than sorry: With 2-factor authentication, you can protect the access to your personal wherever SIM portal.

GDPR compliant

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