"wherever SIM reliably supports us with IoT SIMs in our e-bike sharing solution. If we have any questions, the support team is always quick, friendly and helpful. "

Saskia Thelen

Head of Customer Journey

Velocity Mobility

Electric micromobility: M2M SIM cards for bikesharing

Velocity Mobility GmbH develops innovative technology solutions and services for micromobility. The focus of the Aachen-based mobility service provider is on providing an automated and station-based rental system for e-mobility solutions: Via a smartphone app, e-bikes or e-load bikes can be easily borrowed and returned at set-up stations. 

M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM are used in the pedelecs, e-bikes and e-cargo bikes, which transmit technical data from the bikes to Velocity Mobility's central system via mobile communications, for example. The rental stations are set up with various local and municipal cooperation partners such as municipal utilities, energy suppliers and transport companies. The project was launched in 2014 as a pilot project in Aachen, and rental stations are now also in operation in Düsseldorf, Ravensburg, Limburg and Siegerland.


IoT SIM cards in e-bikes & pedelecs

"Our rental stations and e-bikes are set up and used in various cities and regions, in major cities as well as in rural areas. That's why it was important for us to work with a SIM provider where we don't have to worry about the connection at any location. We found this with wherever SIM " says Saskia Thelen, Head of Customer Journey at Velocity Mobility GmbH. "The M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM can use the mobile networks of different network operators via national roaming. By default, the IoT SIMs are designed to allow our wheels to connect to the strongest network in each location, completely without prioritizing any particular carrier" she further explains. That's a big difference from network operators' M2M SIM cards, which often work by prioritizing their own network. "The e-bikes can connect to the strongest network on site because of this non-steered roaming. This makes the connection more reliable and stable, which is important for our customers."

E-bike from Velocity Mobility with M2M-SIM from wherever SIM

Predictive Maintenance with IoT SIMs 

"The M2M SIM cards virtually ensure that the pedelecs can communicate. This is important for us as a mobility service provider, because the concept behind our rental stations is that users should be able to rent an e-bike as easily as possible. To this end, they can already see via an associated smartphone app at which station a bike is available and reserve it for a fixed period of time. In this way, we avoid a situation where someone wants to rent a bike at the station and only discovers on site that none is available," explains Thelen. "Currently, the data on available e-bikes is still primarily provided by the rental stations themselves. But we already use the M2M SIM cards in e-bikes and e-load bikes to transmit data such as the technical condition of the bike, or to query the location if an e-bike or load bike is not returned." Regularly collecting technical data from the e-bikes ensures that any problems can be noticed before damage to the cargo bike can occur. This reduces downtime due to technical defects, as repairs can prevent costly replacement. In addition, user-friendliness and satisfaction are improved and resources are conserved.

The advantages of M2M SIM cards for bikesharing solutions

  • Access to the strongest mobile network at every location
  • Reliable data transmission via mobile radio, almost in real time
  • Common data pool for all active M2M SIM cards
  • Easy IoT SIM management: In the online portal or via API in your own system
  • IMEI lock to protect against third-party costs in the event of theft
  • Available as embedded SIM for firm fit in the GSM module, even in case of shocks
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