M2M SIM Cards for Companies of all Sizes and Industries

  • Monthly cancellation
  • Shared data pool for all active M2M SIM cards
  • No setup fee and no forced activation
M2M SIM Cards for Companies of all Sizes and IndustriesM2M SIM Cards for Companies of all Sizes and Industries


Included in all packages

Monthly cancellation

Flexible activation/deactivation or temporary pause of SIMs to save costs

Full functionality, portal access and support starting with the first SIM card

No setup fee and no forced activation

No minimum term

Automatic price reduction with growing stock

Data prices – Tailored To Your Project

1 MB
10 MB
100 MB
500 MB
5,000 MB and more

Data pooling

With the data pooling option, we offer a joint volume quota for all your active SIM cards. For example, any outliers of individual SIM cards are compensated by the lower consumption of other SIM cards.


Whether your application requires only a few KB or several MB: With Pay-as-you-go you only pay for the data you use. The billing is done in fair 1-KB increments.

For Heavy Consumption

We can even offer you attractive prices and packages for M2M SIM cards with particularly high data consumption between 1 and 50 GB.

Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide, our M2M SIM cards can freely choose from more than 485 networks thanks to national roaming in 205+ countries. By default, our M2M SIM cards always allow your devices to connect to the strongest network locally, without favouring any network operator. Currently supported are 2G, 3G, 4G, in some countries already 5G, as well as LTE-M. In the future, 5G will also be supported in other countries and NB-IoT.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the contract period? Are SIMs blocked during inactivity?

The contract period is one calendar month which is automatically renewed for another month if not deactivated. If you deactivate a SIM card, it will no longer be charged from the following month. You can deactivate SIM cards yourself at any time in the web portal. The contract period begins with the activation of a SIM card. There is no forced activation – you can leave SIM cards inactive until they are used as planned without incurring any costs. Even after a longer period of inactivity, the SIM cards will never be blocked by us.

Is it possible to deactivate or pause individual SIMs? Does it cost anything?

You can pause individual, multiple or all SIM cards at any time free of charge and will no longer pay a basic fee from the next calendar month. The reactivation of the SIM card(s) is also free.

What kind of tariff models does wherever SIM offer? And what is data pooling?

We offer all common tariff models: Pay-As-You-Go, dynamic data pool or static data pool. For large projects, we also offer a prepaid option, where you pay for each SIM card for several years in advance. Data pooling means that all activated SIM cards use a common data quota. This means that it is not the consumption of a single SIM card that counts, but the total consumption of all active SIM cards. Your advantage: Fluctuations in consumption of individual SIM cards are balanced out and additional costs are only incurred if the entire data pool is exceeded. There is no throttling so that your devices continue to have a stable connection. You can either opt for a static data pool or for a dynamic data pool. With the dynamic data pool, the data pool increases with each additional active SIM card to ensure that your data pool is always sufficiently large.

Can I cap the data consumption? And what happens when the data limit is reached? Will the data throughput be throttled then?

Yes, you can set a data limit (e.g. 500 MB per SIM card per month) for your SIM cards in the customer portal. You can also group SIM cards and set a different data limit for each group. When a set data limit is reached, we block traffic for this SIM card until the end of the month. You will also receive a notification in the portal when the limit is reached.

How long are the delivery times?

SIM cards are usually shipped one business day after we receive your order. At this time you will also receive access to the customer portal. The setup of an IPsec VPN tunnel can take up to 4 weeks.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum purchase is 25 SIM cards. For certain projects we can make exceptions – please contact us for more information.

Can I purchase the SIM card as a private person?

No, our SIM cards are exclusively intended for use in or by companies. The M2M SIMs are suitable for companies of all sizes and industries.