"The uncontrolled roaming at wherever SIM ensures much better network availability than with our previous provider, which only specialized in one network."

Tim Mertel-Blinn

Managing Director EvoCount GmbH


M2M SIMs for digital people and visitor counting

EvoCount from Kaiserslautern develops and distributes solutions for digital people counting. An innovative solution that is used in particular at major events, festivals and concerts. All the data collected is transmitted in real time so that it is immediately available for assessing the situation. In addition to its own EvoCount wireless standard, the M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM are used to transmit the data.

M2M SIM for digital people counting at major events

Real-time data at major events

Tim Mertel-Blinn, Head of Hardware Development and Marketing at EvoCount: "We work with security-relevant data that is used to assess the situation at major events. All data must be available in real time." For this to work, a reliable backup is needed in addition to the company's own wireless standard. The challenge here is that the events always take place at different locations, so you never know which mobile network is strongest on site. EvoCount ultimately found a solution to this problem at wherever SIM.

"It was actually quite simple, we needed a reliable solution that was based on the strongest network and not on a specific provider," says Tim. "And that's exactly what wherever SIM does. Since we've been using the SIM cards in our devices, we haven't experienced any problems or data transmission failures, even in very difficult conditions. The ease of roaming across all networks ensures much better network availability than with our previous provider, who only specialized in one network."

Another decisive factor in choosing wherever SIM was ultimately its flexibility. Tim and his colleagues can manage the M2M SIM cards easily and independently via the online portal. This is a huge advantage, especially for rental devices: SIM cards in devices that are not currently in use are deactivated until the next time they are used. This allows data consumption to be regulated and costs to be saved.

Advantages of M2M SIMs for counting stations & visitor detection:

  • No matter where, everywhere access to the strongest mobile network on site
  • No forced activation of M2M SIMs and free pausing
  • Secure remote access with static private IPs via VPN tunnel
  • Comprehensive availability of mobile communications, across national borders
  • Common data pool for all active M2M SIM cards
  • Simple SIM management in the online portal or via API in your own system
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