The SIM cards for your
M2M and IoT routers

The wherever SIM connects your devices, nationally and internationally, to the best mobile network locally.

The SIM Cards for Your M2M and IoT RouterThe SIM Cards for Your M2M and IoT Router

Areas of application for our M2M SIM cards

Telemetric Remote Monitoring

Stable and continuous operation of objects and machines, from wind turbines to construction cranes.

LTE Fallback

As a seamless backup connection to protect against possible connection failures, for example in branches and offices.

Remote Maintenance

Maintenance 4.0 - predictive maintenance and plant monitoring for minimum downtime of your machines.

Store Opening and Branch Networking

Early connection of new branches, even before the actual main line is available, or directly as the main connection.

Our Features – Your Benefits

Especially when used in M2M routers, users benefit from the particular features and advantages of our SIM solution:

wherever SIM - Dashboard
  • Uniform EU-pricing Same low Data and SMS pricing in all EU member states
  • Can be used worldwide Over 480 networks in 205+ countries, in addition networks of neighbouring countries near the border
  • One contract partner But with worldwide network coverage through international roaming option
  • Individual SIM-Management Exclusion of network operators per SIM through blacklisting and setup of individual data limits
  • All Mobile Standards 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE) as well as LTE-M (Cat-M1)
  • Easy SIM Management Online-Portal with real-time data, automatable via our extensive API
  • Datapooling A large data pool for all active SIM cards that can compensate for consumption fluctuations of individual cards
  • Real-time Information Statistics and data in real-time in your customized dashboard
  • Real-time Information Statistics and data in real-time in your customized dashboard
  • Secure Remote Access By using static private IPs via VPN tunnel
  • Secure Remote Access By using static private IPs via VPN tunnel
  • Flexibility and Cost Controls (de)activate SIM cards on your own with a single click, no costs for inactive SIMs
  • Security and theft protection IMEI-Lock to prevent unauthorized use and misuse of the SIM
  • Data Limitation Both, individually for single SIM cards or as default for all active SIM cards

Reference Customers

More than 600 companies of all sizes and industries rely on wherever SIM to connect their devices even in difficult locations in more than 100 countries.

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Suitable Partners For Your Project

We work closely with strong hardware and software partners to offer you an even more comprehensive service by bundling our competencies. Feel free to contact us to compile your requirements.

You know your projects requirements, we and our partner know all about the devices. We are looking forward to recommending suitable routers and antennas for your projects.

We can determine the optimal location for your cellular antennas at the site to guarantee the best connection.

Insert SIM cards, configure devices, on-site installation and much more – we are happy to arrange professional and trained support through our partner network.

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wherever SIM: The SIM Card for M2M-Routers

More than 15 years of experience, 100% focus on our customers, German reliability. wherever SIM represents future proof and secure SIM card solutions for IoT router, modems and industrial M2M communication. We support our customers in the borderless networking of industrial machines and plants. Together with strong international partners, we are continuously developing our services. Always at the cutting edge of technology, always with our customers' needs in mind, always at eye level. Perfect as LTE backup, for remote maintenance, telemonitoring and much more.

Made in Germany

Competent service and support in and from Germany.

Made in Germany

All services are hosted within the EU and are therefore subject to the strictest data protection regulations in the world.

2-factor authentication

Better safe than sorry: With 2-factor authentication, you can protect the access to your personal wherever SIM portal.

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant2-factor authentication