M2M SIM card for smart farming - whereversimM2M SIM card for smart farming - whereversim

Smart Farming: M2M SIM cards for agricultural solutions

  • For agricultural machinery, sensors, measuring stations, trackers, etc.
  • The best mobile network on site, regardless of location
  • M2M SIM cards as main connection or LTE fallback

Application areas for
M2M SIM cards in the agricultural sector

Driverless agricultural machinery

Driverless agricultural machinery
The perfect connection for autonomous driving tractors and smart navigation systems in agriculture to increase the efficiency of the machinery fleet through longer running times. 

Mapping from the air

Surveying of land areas
Aerial surveying, mapping and geospatial data: with our IoT SIM, drones transmit real-time data from fields and farmland almost anywhere.

Smart dosing systems

Supply Chain Monitoring
For the precise application of fertilisers or crop protection products: All data is transmitted almost in real time, reliably and almost nationwide thanks to mobile radio.

Precision farming

Precision Farming
Reliable connectivity for all machines and agricultural equipment that require data for targeted management of agricultural land.

Pest control

Smart pest control
Digital and permanent pest monitoring makes it possible to prevent pest infestations in time and minimizes costly control measures and losses from crop losses.

Harvest management

Harvest management with M2M SIM cards
Secure and quasi-real-time data transmission for sensors, meters and asset monitoring for software-based management systems.

Cattle and herd monitoring

Cattle and herd monitoring
Connections for GPS trackers - on collars or ear tags - for monitoring the movement and position of animals and timely notification via SMS or email.

Track guidance / steering systems

Track guidance and steering systems
Real-time data for much more accurate control of equipment allows near-perfect tracking and row spacing and prevents damage to plants and irrigation systems.

M2M SIM cards for agriculture 4.0

In traditional agriculture, the trend toward automating processes continues unabated. Whether it's driverless agricultural machinery, centimeter-precise application of crop protection agents or constant monitoring of harvest silos - the reliable availability of data is essential for the digital high-tech helpers in the field.

To ensure that you have all the data at your fingertips at all times, our M2M SIM cards in agricultural machinery provide the right connection. Via mobile communications, the agricultural machines can be contacted almost everywhere and in real time, or they can send data themselves. You benefit from our uncomplicated contract and tariff structure - including free pausing of M2M SIM cards when machines are not needed for seasonal reasons.

M2M SIM cards for agriculture

M2M SIM cards in use:
What our customer HORSCH says

"At the beginning of our project, we feared that finding the right data SIM would be one of our biggest challenges.

Thanks to wherever SIM , it has actually become one of the easiest issues."

Matthias Spork
Project management SAP
HORSCH Maschinen GmbH

Selected features
of our M2M SIM card

With our IoT SIM in your agricultural solutions, sensors and agricultural machinery, you benefit in particular from:


Worldwide Coverage

Over 485 networks in 189+ countries, in addition networks of neighbouring countries near the border


All cellular network standards

2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), 5G and the LPWAN technologies LTE-M, NB-IoT


Easy SIM management

Online portal with real-time data, automatable via our extensive API



One large data pool for all active M2M SIM cards, to compensate for consumption fluctuations of individual SIMs


Data limitation

As default for all active M2M SIM cards or specifically for individual SIM cards


All networks, one contract

We offer access to all mobile networks in Europe and beyond borders with one contract.


Flexibility and cost control

Standalone monthly SIM activation/deactivation, no cost for inactive IoT SIMs.


Security and theft protection

Prevent third-party use and misuse of the M2M SIM with IMEI-Lock


Unit configuration via SMS

Transfer settings directly from the customer portal or via API to the M2M SIMs or end devices

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Quite uncomplicated:
Preconfigured M2M routers - plug & play

We provide you with routers that have been proven a million times over, pre-configured and already equipped with an M2M SIM card so that you can get started right away.

To the M2M routers
Preconfigured M2M routers - Plug & Play
Questions about choosing the right router? We will be happy to support you!

If you need further assistance in selecting the right hardware, our team of M2M experts will be happy to help.

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Reference Customers

Companies of all sizes and industries trust wherever SIM and use our M2M SIM card in more than 1,000 projects to connect their devices even in difficult locations.

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wherever SIM: The M2M SIM for agricultural IoT applications

More than 20 years of experience, 100% focus on customers, Hanseatic reliability. wherever SIM stands for reliable and secure M2M SIM solutions for agricultural machinery and applications - from autonomous tractors to smart pest traps.

We support farmers and machinery manufacturers with our M2M SIM card for seamless monitoring and control of their systems and equipment. Together with strong international partner companies, we are continuously developing our services, always at the cutting edge of technology, always with the needs of our corporate customers in mind, always at eye level. Perfectly suited for smart dosing systems, centimeter-precise lane guidance, silo monitoring and much more.

Made in Germany
Made in Germany

Competent service and support in and from Germany.

GDPR compliant
GDPR compliant

All services are hosted within Europe and are therefore subject to the strictest data protection regulations in the world.

2-factor authentication
2-factor authentication

Better safe than sorry: With 2-factor authentication, you can protect the access to your personal wherever SIM portal.

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