Multi-network SIMs for digital payment
Multi-network SIMs for digital payment
"We need a reliable data connection for our cashless payment solution, especially at festivals with high traffic. With wherever SIM , we can rely on our cashless systems to work securely."

Raphael Büdel

Co-Founder & CEO of sizzly


Gastro 3.0: M2M SIMs for digital payment solutions at events

Staff shortages, lack of manpower or changing guest requirements - in the catering industry, digitalization helps with precisely these challenges. In particular, the ordering and payment processes at events and festivals can be streamlined and accelerated with the use of digital ordering platforms. This is exactly what the Stuttgart-based company sizzly offers: they provide a web app for digital ordering and payment solutions in the catering, event and entertainment industry. 

The company relies on M2M SIM cards and the connection to the mobile network for reliable data transmission. Thanks to uncontrolled roaming, several networks can be used at one location. Access to the strongest network on site ensures that everything runs smoothly, even at busy festivals and sporting events.

Multi-network SIMs for digital payment

Digitalization in the hospitality and event industry

A break between two halves of the game and a quick trip to the drinks stand - and you're already standing in a long queue. 

This is where sizzly's digital self-ordering solution comes into play. The digital ordering and payment processes are handled via a smartphone platform: Food and drink offers can be called up, (re)ordered and paid for via a web app. Always in the customer's CI and with a customized concept.

At an event or festival, but also in the canteen, customers can simply order via their own smartphone without the need for a separate app. The result: less waiting time and therefore increased customer satisfaction, bringing the catering experience into the digital age. 

In practice, it looks like this: At a festival, for example, visitors can scan a QR code and order their drinks via smartphone from anywhere on the site and pay immediately. After receiving an order confirmation, the regular queues at the trolleys and bars can be bypassed and the drinks can be received quickly and cashlessly. The details of the orders placed and proof of the transaction are sent directly to the bars. There they are displayed on smartphones or tablets provided by sizzly. The data connection required for this comes from the M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM.

Contactless ordering and payment not only makes the service more efficient, but also more customer-oriented. Staff at serving and dining trolleys no longer have to deal with a cash register system or cash handling, and more and more manual processes are no longer necessary. This not only saves costs, but also significantly improves the workflow.

IoT SIMs for cashless payment

IoT SIM cards for self-ordering and cashless payment

sizzly provides restaurateurs and caterers with a full-service package consisting of a branded ordering front end, the web app in the customer's CI and the hardware required for issuing orders - including M2M SIM cards and a reliable mobile connection. 

"You may be familiar with this from your last festival or concert - if there are a lot of people there, it sometimes takes time to connect to your smartphone. That's exactly what we don't want to happen with our digital self-ordering platform," says Raphael Büdel, Co-Founder & CEO of sizzly. The company relies on the M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM. Thanks to uncontrolled roaming, these always connect to the strongest local network so that the user can switch to another available network in the event of high network utilization.

The M2M SIM cards are used in the tablets via which the cash register and merchandise management system runs. The orders placed and proof of payment are transmitted in real time to the tablets in the serving and dining cars. This ensures a smooth process and satisfied customers.

The advantages of M2M SIM cards for cashless payment solutions

  • Access to the strongest mobile network at every location
  • Reliable data transmission via mobile radio, almost in real time
  • Flexible data tariffs: Pay-as-you-go and data pooling
  • Easy IoT SIM management: In the online portal or via API in your own system
  • Secure data transmission via VPN and static private IP address

M2M SIMs for cashless payment

M2M SIM cards: National roaming for the best connection worldwide

No matter where a solution from sizzly is used, with an M2M SIM card from wherever SIM , end devices have a reliable connection anywhere and at any time. Thanks to national roaming, they allow end devices worldwide access to different mobile networks. This makes them ideal for companies that use their solutions at different locations. Thanks to permanent roaming and access to several mobile networks in one country, they offer continuous connectivity. This ensures that time-critical data such as order and payment information is transmitted in real time.

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