"With technology partners such as wherever SIM , we can offer our customers solutions that not only solve problems, but also create real added value."

John O'Donnell

Product Manager Vanderbilt Industries

Vanderbilt Industries

M2M SIMs for cloud-based security technology and intrusion detection systems

Vanderbilt Industries is one of the world's leading companies for security technology in the private and commercial sector. In addition to simple and complex access control solutions, the company develops cloud-based intrusion detection systems for its customers. The products of the SPC Connect series are specially designed for remote monitoring, management and maintenance. With a single click of the mouse, service providers can offer immediate after-sales service and support.

ALT: M2M SIM cards for monitoring systems

One SIM for all networks. Everywhere.

"Our SPCN320 modem is a GSM interface for SPC control centers that can be assigned to any mobile network after inserting a SIM card. However, we also needed a SIM that supports this feature and can connect to the different mobile networks," explains John O'Donnell, Product Manager at Vanderbilt. "We have found a suitable M2M SIM for this with wherever SIM . We want to offer our customers solutions that not only solve problems, but also create added value. With technology partners such as wherever SIM , we increase this added value even further."

One added value of wherever SIM is not only the availability of all mobile networks, but also the static IP address of each individual SIM card. Each SIM card has such an IP address so that the connected device can be addressed directly by the main system. This allows Vanderbilt to upload new configurations directly from the cloud to end devices without having to be on site. This not only saves time for Vanderbilt, but also for the user, who can immediately use a ready-to-use device.

Advantages of wherever SIM M2M SIM cards for security systems:

  • No matter where, everywhere access to the strongest mobile network on site
  • Always the right SIM card, regardless of location
  • Secure remote access with static private IPs via VPN tunnel
  • Limitation to VdS-certified networks (Telekom & Vodafone)
  • Common data pool for all active M2M SIM cards
  • Simple SIM management in the online portal or via API in your own system

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