wherever SIM Help centre:
All instructions around our M2M SIMs.

In this Help Centre section you will find the most important information about setting up and using our M2M SIM cards.

Self-Service Portal from wherever SIM

In our Help Center you will find instructions and all necessary information for commissioning and using our M2M SIM cards. Please note that we sell different M2M SIM cards. Please check which of our two SIMs - data+ or tech+ - you are using and select the appropriate help area accordingly.

Activate your test SIM card

Have you received one of our M2M test SIM cards? Then please write us a short message with your name, e-mail address and the number from the outer cover of the SIM(s) to sales@whereversim.de. We will then set up access for you to our online portal, where you can activate and manage the test SIM.

For the SIM cards to work in the end devices, please set the APN "wsim" and activate the"data roaming" option. A username, password or PIN is not required. More about this in the Help Center.

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