What does national roaming mean?

National roaming means that an M2M SIM can use the mobile networks of different network operators both at home and abroad.

One SIM, all networks.
With national roaming.

Roaming is known to the wider public when people go on holiday. Roaming means using the SIM in a network other than that of the home network operator, i.e. not with the network provider with which a private person has concluded their mobile phone contract. In the past, using a smartphone abroad was an expensive pleasure, but today there are agreements within the EU that allow private individuals to use the networks in other European countries in the same way as in the domestic mobile network. Due to possible costs from using foreign networks, roaming must be actively switched on in most end devices.

National roaming primarily refers to special M2M SIM cards, such as those used for IoT and M2M projects. Unlike the SIM in a private smartphone, an end device with an M2M SIM is allowed to use the networks of different network operators. This is possible at wherever SIM , as our SIM cards have no home network at all. No matter in which country the M2M SIMs are used, they are always roaming. For this special use, we have concluded contracts with network operators worldwide that allow our SIM cards to use their networks at favourable costs.

With an M2M SIM from wherever SIM , you are not limited to just one network for your project, but can access the available local networks on an equal footing. However, as in the smartphone, roaming must also be permitted on the end device for IoT and M2M projects, both domestically and abroad.