M2M communication: wherever SIM expands cooperation network

wherever SIM GmbH is further expanding its cooperation network and, together with its new partner globaldatanet GmbH, is focusing on bundled expertise in the areas of the Internet of Things (IoT) and digitalization. Both companies are based in Hamburg.

As an expert in machine-to-machine (M2M) SIM cards, wherever SIM supports business customers worldwide in the implementation of IoT projects. globaldatanet specializes in cloud development and develops software and IoT platform solutions in the Amazon Cloud (AWS).

"The cooperation with globaldatanet is an obvious strategic step, as the award-winning AWS partner creates the conditions for companies to quickly process the data from our networked devices and use it profitably in innovative applications," says Tim Müller, Managing Director of wherever SIM GmbH.

The Internet of Things is about the transmission of data in real time and the communication between objects. Essential for devices integrated in the IoT is a stable and reliable data connection, which is ensured by the M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM . They enable cellular connections to different networks through non-steered roaming. The sole decision criterion is thus - independent of the network operator - the signal strength at the respective location. With the SIM cards of wherever SIM this is possible in Germany over all three existing portable radio nets, world-wide up to 500 portable radio nets can be used. This virtually eliminates the risk of lost connections due to dead spots. The IoT platform in the Amazon cloud of the partner globaldatanet is then used to process and manage the resulting data volumes - together a sensible synergy.

One customer that makes use of this synergy is wherever SIM customer Akku Energie Systeme GmbH (AES) from Glinde near Hamburg. AES is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art battery systems and components for electric drives and energy storage systems. Here, technology partner globaldatanet is developing a fleet management platform as an intelligent application solution for battery users.

Using the M2M SIM cards from wherever SIM , GPS data and the battery status of the AES batteries in the e-bikes are transmitted directly and securely to the globaldatanet cloud application via the mobile network, e.g. by mail and parcel delivery companies. This means that the batteries can always be serviced at the right time (predictive maintenance). Battery fill levels can also be determined in this way. The interaction between the intelligent battery and the fleet management platform in the cloud saves time and money and makes maintenance and battery management more efficient.

In combination with smart batteries, such specialized fleet management platforms also enable new digital functions: Tracking, monitoring of the state of charge, fault messages and geofencing - a signal is triggered when a limit is exceeded. New full-service offerings such as battery rental are also conceivable and will become attractive for providers and users through corresponding platform solutions. According to experts, demand for batteries with such integrated data-based functions will rise sharply in the coming months and years.

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