M2M SIM cards for industrial virtual and augmented reality solutions

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are about adding digital content to the real world. In some industries, corresponding applications have already established themselves as digital tools. In mobile applications, M2M SIM cards with 5G enable a reliable connection for fast data transmission.

Fast data transmission for industrial VR projects

M2M SIMs for mobile virtual and augmented reality applications

In the next few years, virtual and augmented reality will become more and more established as digital tools in a wide range of application scenarios. Digital models that are prepared as realistically as possible can, for example, help to check projects with regard to their constructability or aerodynamics. Or, in industry, to simplify the maintenance of machines when maintenance crews communicate directly with the support team of a machine manufacturer, who explains the maintenance steps to be carried out in the AR model.

However, in order to operate a user-friendly networked AR or VR solution, large amounts of data must be transmitted reliably and without delay for visual processing. This is often a challenge, especially for mobile VR or AR applications. Via M2M SIM cards that support 5G, corresponding end devices can transmit high data volumes with extremely short latencies even when on the move.

What is special about 5G?

The 4G standard (LTE) was already able to reduce the response time from 100 to 30 milliseconds compared to 3G UMTS. 5G is yet another leap forward: the new mobile communications standard offers near real-time data transmission in just one millisecond, significantly reducing delays. This makes 5G potentially the key to the widespread use of AR and VR applications in the future. The low latency times enable users to interact almost instantaneously, significantly improving the user experience.

Network slicing
Connections per km2
4G / LTE

30-50 ms

Max. bandwidth

100 Mbps

10 k


1 ms

10 Gbps

1000 k



M2M SIM cards for industrial virtual and augmented reality solutions

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