What is an APN and what do you need it for?

APN is the abbreviation for Access Point Name. It is something like "the entrance ticket" to the Internet.

APN: Access Point Name

The APN stands for Access Point Name and is an alphanumeric designation that must be stored in a terminal device so that it can dial into the Internet. It is, so to speak, "the ticket" to the Internet.

The APN provides the end device with information on how it can dial into the Internet. It does not change and usually only needs to be configured once for each terminal. However, it may be necessary to enter it again if an M2M SIM card is replaced.

Some devices use the M2M SIM card to automatically determine an APN, so that the terminal device can dial into the Internet in some networks even without manually setting an APN. However, to benefit from the full network coverage of our M2M SIM cards, the APN must be set manually and correctly. Otherwise, not all available mobile networks can be used.

A Private APN for secure IoT applications

A private APN (Access Point Name) routes mobile data traffic from mobile devices directly into the data networks of companies without detours. M2M devices that use a private APN therefore have no access to public data paths. This reduces possible vulnerabilities and security risks in the system, for example for attacks from outside.