What is a multi-net SIM card?

As the name suggests, a multi-net SIM is a SIM card that enables connection to several mobile networks of different network operators.

Multi-network SIM card:
One card, all networks.

A multi-network SIM card, also called a multi-SIM, is a SIM card that allows the respective device to use several mobile networks of different network operators via national roaming. A conventional SIM card, on the other hand, is usually limited to the home network, i.e. the network of the network operator issuing the SIM. Since only one mobile network may be used, there are areas with sometimes very poor network coverage.

These fluctuations in the network availability of individual mobile network operators are the reason why multi-network SIMs are usually used in M2M and IoT projects. They are therefore often referred to as M2M SIM cards or IoT SIM cards.

Multi-network SIM cards from wherever SIM allow end devices to connect to the best available mobile network at each location. And this is completely independent of the network operator. wherever SIM offers multi-net SIM cards in different formats and in different tariff models. This means that there is a suitable SIM solution for every project and every company's plans.