Data limit for your M2M SIMs

Fixed data volume that an M2M SIM card is allowed to consume.

No unexpected additional consumption thanks to data limit.

The data limit gives our customers the option of limiting the data consumption of an M2M SIM card. This allows them to protect themselves against unexpectedly high costs if end devices unexpectedly consume more data than originally planned.

Setting up a data limit is simple: each of our customers receives free access to our online portal. They can use it to manage all the M2M SIM cards they use and make individual settings. One configuration option in the portal is the data limit. This allows them to specify how much data an M2M SIM card from wherever SIM may consume. The data limit can be set for several or just for individual M2M SIM cards. It therefore does not have to apply to all SIMs.

Before an end device has completely used up the specified data volume, a corresponding message is triggered in the portal. You still have the option of increasing the data limit or removing it completely so that the SIM can continue to allow data transmission. If the limit remains set, the end device will not transmit any more data via the M2M SIM once the limit has been reached. Whether or not it makes sense to set up a data limit depends entirely on the planned use case.

An alternative to setting up a data limit is our data pool. A total consumption for all active SIM cards is specified here. If an M2M SIM consumes more data than planned, the additional consumption can usually be balanced out via the total pool.

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