5G M2M SIM cards for remote control of drones

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Potential for drones: 5G real-time communication

5G plays an important role in the communication with and control of drones. For the first time, the new mobile communications standard 5G should enable the transmission of high data with so little delay that interaction is possible almost in real time. This would make more data available more quickly and can improve decision-making processes. There are many possible applications for drones with 5G, for example in the field of smart farming or for controlling remote objects that are difficult to reach. We offer you the right M2M SIM cards for this, also as space-saving and permanently installed eSIM.

Advantages of 5G for drone control

Thanks to mobile phone technology, drones can be connected to a control centre anywhere in the world. With 5G, data transmission becomes even faster. Read more about the benefits of 5G for drones: 

Wireless communication.

5G will accelerate mobile internet. While LTE allows a maximum speed of 300 Mbit/s, the 5G speed will be up to ten Gbit/s in the future under ideal conditions, according to Telekom. Currently, initial tests on the network operator side are yielding speeds of around 3 Gbit/s.

Short latency times.

Crop monitoring and the data-driven use of fertilisers - a vision of smart farming. Such use cases benefit from short latencies with 5G: Collected information is delivered almost in real time and enables immediate decisions. While LTE still achieves latency times of around 100 milliseconds, these are not quite 20 milliseconds with 5G. 

Low latencies.

Robots have to process vast amounts of data. With a stable and powerful wireless connection like 5G, the computing power can be outsourced to the cloud. Based on 5G, this information is delivered almost in real time. Latencies are less than 20 milliseconds.  

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