The differences between mobile routers RUT950 and RUT951 - The new versions of Teltonika routers

Comparison at a glance:
  • The new Teltonika router RUT951 uses a faster processor (CPU) 580 MHz.
  • Product dimensions and interfaces do not differ.
  • End of Life (EOL) announcement for RUT950 from Teltonika by the end of 2023.
  • Recommended successor model RUT951 is already available.
Teltonika Router RUT240
Teltonika Router RUT951
Teltonika Router RUT240
Teltonika RUT956

Chip shortage: Availability of successful Teltonika RUT M2M routers affected.

Few router series are as popular for IoT applications as the RUT series from Teltonika. The routers score not only with a small form factor and a wide range of functions, but also with an excellent price-performance ratio. Due to the shortage of chips, Teltonika has decided to phase out the proven series around the RUT240, the RUT950 and the RUT955 and replace them with successor models. The last models of the old series will come off the production line by the end of 2023. We have briefly summarized what exactly this means for you.

Router comparison: RUT950 vs. RUT951

Teltonika Router RUT950
Teltonika RUT950
Teltonika Router RUT951
Teltonika RUT951 (new)
550 MHz
580 MHz
(W x H x D)
110 x 50 x 100 mm
Identical: 110 x 50 x 100 mm
Supply bottlenecks due to chip shortage
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Teltonika Router RUT951
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