New name: The wherever SIM-SIM will become connect+

The wherever SIM is constantly evolving - just like our SIM card. To reflect this, our wherever SIM-SIM is now called connect+.

More than a SIM card: M2M SIMs from wherever SIM

From the very beginning, our classic wherever SIM was more than just a simple M2M SIM. As an uncontrolled roaming SIM, it offers high network coverage worldwide in many different mobile networks in the M2M sector. It also comes with a wide range of intelligent features such as OpenVPN, IPsec Tunnel or AWS Transit Gateway, which enable the successful and secure implementation of IoT projects.

In order to give the product a fitting name and to avoid future familiar tongue twisters such as "the wherever SIM SIM", we have now renamed our M2M SIM. From now on, we will be offering the previous wherever SIM M2M SIM under the name of connect+

How to recognise a connect+ SIM

An ICCID is printed on each of our M2M SIM cards or on each SIM card holder (see graphic). If this begins with the digits 8988xxx, it is a connect+.

The new connect+ online portal

The online portal has also evolved. With the launch of our new online portal at and the shutdown of the old portal on 1 December 2021, we have reached another major milestone. Many functions that could previously be accessed mainly via API have been integrated directly into the user interface of the new portal. This makes it even easier to network your IoT devices with your connect+ M2M SIM cards and to keep a constant eye on important connectivity data.

You can obtain a lot of information and instructions on the connect+ SIM and the comprehensive portal in self-service via our help centre at or via our technical support.

M2M SIM management in real time - in the wherever SIM customer portal

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